Mother1 aka Momma Betty

The Spiritual guide and tie that binds us all.
SPECIAL TECHNIQUE: Hand to Hand specialist, master of the Bended Knee technique.



The Vision and creator. Mastermind or Maniac!!?? Gifted, or cursed? Inspired, or tormented?? Only 1 truth. Dangerous? UNQUESTIONABLY!
SPECIAL TECHNIQUE:"Finger Of God" technique and a knockout artist



The Destroyer. Tormented guardian. He protects the 4, but the 4 protect him...FROM HIMSELF! The bridge that connects, and the wall that denies. Tread carefully!
SPECIAL TECHNIQUE: Brawler and Smasher. Nothing pretty, just finish the job!



SPECIAL TECHNIQUE: Stealth and agility. Ambush attacks from limited sight areas.



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