At Battle Bred Designs,LLC. we believe there should be no surprises. No hidden Fees. No  poorly done quotes for work done that ends up costing you extra. The only way you will  ever be charged more than your quoted price is if you request additional work. We will redoyour work order at that time, no questions asked. Please keep in mind, you may not change the Work order after the work is completed and you will be responsible for the quoted price on your  work order minus a 10% non-refundable deposit.  You will be responsible for paying  your non-refundable deposit before we begin your work. In the event you cancel the job  before  we complete it, your deposit will not be returned to you.  This helps us recover the lost time that we spent beginning your order. If you require our services as your art design company, you will be charged a flat fee of $75 per hour. This fee only pertains to our services for custom artwork without purchase of a product. If we are designing artwork for a product  not limited too  but including shirts, hats, keychains  etc.. that you are purchasing from us, you will not be charged  for the artwork. We will do the artwork for free for you on products purchased from us as our way of saying thanks to you. Custom artwork with no product purchase will include a minimum one hour $75 charge. If you do not like the art that we submit back to you, we will fix it for free up to three corrections.  Any additional corrections will begin our $75 / hour fee.

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By filling out this application you are not obligated  to start a work order with us nor are we obligated to begin a work order for you.  If we accept your application for your workorder, you will be subject to the terms of this application. You will be contacted by a member of the Battle Bred team. Upon contact, we will let you know whether we can meet your deadline and make a confirmation with you to begin a work order or cancel the application either at your request or ours.

Thank you for your inquiry.