Special Announcement!!!
Brethren, This is someone very special to our family and she needs our help. Minga Easterday is experiencing 'End Stage Renal Failure', and without a kidney transplant....let's just say, she'll be one more Angel in God's Army to battle for us. We don't have to tell you just how expensive  a procedure of this magnitude will cost, but just know, that she need's ALL of our help. Please visit her website and read her story. Send her well wishes, and if your heart leads you to, please make a donation. There are no small ways to help someone.
We NEED Minga here with us. There are Battles we can't face without her, and without any of you. Go to:


Leave your well wishes and tell her we sent you. Make a donation to her cause, and we'll "hook you up"! lol


MadMan and Malevolent1
and the rest of the Battle Bred Brood


You never know how good you got it, til it gets taken away from you. Folks, you gotta understand something about our personalities. I can say this without hesitation. Madman and I are two men, cut from the EXACT same mold! There's a reason why he and I are friends that are closer than most blood related brothers. He knows my heart, and I, his. When my own mother can't tell us apart, that says something!

He and I have both been affected by this ice storm, as we have both been driven from our homes. The one thing I know, is had it not been for our families, we would both just deal with the frigid temps. But neither of us would allow our folks to suffer from our unwillingness to concede. We're fighters. That's all there is to it. Resistant and defiant, even to Mother Nature! NOBODY AND NOTHING IS GOING TO TEST OUR METAL AND WALK AWAY ON THEIR OWN POWER!!! That's who we are, and we know, that's who YOU ALL are.

Sitting in my car, thinking about all this with him, he helped me put this into perspective and made me realize, neither of us have it so bad, despite not being able to stay in our own homes. There are folks worse off than us. Not just those in some war-torn environment. Or in a resourceless area. But right here in our own community. Our friends and neighbors. And that's what made us think. "What can we do to help RIGHT NOW?" Not have to go thru red tape and bullshit, just to help right now. I thought money. But he told me, money would only stir up trouble, because we'd have to prove to everybody, that our intentions are just. That's too much. Plus, I suck at song & dance just to get a buck. So we said, if we could just get folks to give us their spare blankets and coats, that'll expedite the solution!

Now I ask for everyone's forgiveness for coming in kinda late on this. I'm mad at myself for having spent the last 2 days feeling sorry for myself, instead of trying to come up with a solution. That was weak of me, and for that, I sincerely apologize. But my head is on straight now, and now is as good a time to act, then never to have acted at all.

This ice is NO JOKE! It is KILLING people! And none of us in THIS company are going to sit back and allow it to continue! Most of you know us personally, and have our personal contact information. For those that don't, feel free to leave us a message here, or at:


Leave us a message of when and where we can come by and pick up any blankets or coats you can spare. If you happen to know someone who needs them right now, we'll be GLAD to take them to that person for you and let them know that those items are FROM YOU directly! If not, we'll take them to the nearest Salvation Army.

For our friends that don't live so close to us, I apologize. But until we come up with a better system on how to receive donations, we have to refuse any monetary donations to not only keep you safe, but us as well. You know what they say about "the best intentions".

I want to thank you all, in advance. Thank you to all that will donate. Have donated. And even those who WANT to, but can't.

Thank you all, and God bless you!

The Battle Bred Brood

3 time World Champion & the DEFINITION of, 'Womyn's Boxing'.........MELISSA 'HURACAN' HERNANDEZ!!!!!!!!!!

The Battle Bred Designs LLC family is proud to announce our sponsorship of Melissa "Huracan" Hernandez. Fighting out of Bronx, NY; with a record of 12 wins, 2 losses, and 4 knockouts, she is a 3 time world champion. We feel both honored and blessed that Melissa would allow us to be her sponsor. Her reputation as a fierce competitor and champion gels well with our reputation of delivering the highest quality designs with brutal, in-your-face styling. Visit us at BattleBred.com to let us know what you think. It probably will not change what we do, but you would not want us any other way. We look forward to hearing from you.

Congratulations, Alexis Galavez

Congratulations Alexis Galavez for making the Cheer Expression national team. Battle Bred is a proud "double silver" sponsor of Alexis and Cheer Expression. This is the first year that Alexis made the team. Alexis qualified as a number 2. She will be competing nationally with the number 1's which are her age group. She will also compete with the more experienced number 2's as part of the national cheer and stunt team. She will compete with both squads at nationally televised events on ESPN and ESPN 2. Alexis and Cheer Expression has their first meet in November. Good Luck!!!