A vision denied... is a vision worth fighting for. We ALL here at Battle Bred Designs, LLC more than comprehend the significance of 'Struggle.' We too, know the heartache of denial. Most of us are familiar with the disappointment of failure. But the ONE FORCE that binds us ALL is unshakeable faith and INVINCIBLE DETERMINATION!!! We make apparel that speaks directly to the ones that NEVER submit! The Untouchables among us who stand on their own. Make their own way. FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLE. We understand that not everyone is able to do so, and that's ok. Let US provide you a voice. Because ultimately, humans (as a species) are conceived for combat. Combat with the spiritual AND the natural. WE ARE ALL BATTLE BRED!!!

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As you all can see, we are still in the beginning stages of our endeavour. As time progresses, so will we. As of right now, this site serves as a point of contact; a place to see our designs, and soon, place orders. We encourage you to take your time, browse our selections in the Battle Gear section. Leave messages on our message board in the War Room, email us individually in the Source Of The Disturbance link on the homepage. Keep up with the latest news and information about the company, scheduled events and purchase locations for Battle Bred by clicking onto the, Battle Actions link. Dominion is a product line that we'll be releasing very soon, along with a few others we hope you'll enjoy.
Please look around, take your time, give us your feedback and thank you for your time and consideration. We HOPE we have managed to capture the essence of your warrior spirit!

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